How to Use Anonymous Messaging Apps To Provide Feedback To Your Facebook and Instagram FansHow to Use Anonymous Messaging Apps To Provide Feedback To Your Facebook and Instagram Fans

This instagram account has been created for fun. It is not an official instagram account and has only been set up to give users a view of what life is like on instagram. There is no monetary investment required, no strings attached and you are completely free to use the site any way you want. The only requirement is that you answer your Qooh prompts promptly and honestly so that we can get an accurate insight into how you actually spend money on instagram. We will also explain how we can earn cash from your activities on Qooh.

Qooh is mainly a social networking website where young people can interact with one another. You can create your own profile for free and invite your friends to join you. When you ask your friends questions you can expect them to ask their friends too which can further increase the network of Qooh members. If you then post a picture on your page of you holding a new product or just enjoying life Qooh members will start posting comments and suggestions on your instagram pages.

If you are an instagrammer and you are creating accounts for friends, family and colleagues simply click on ‘Create Account’ and put in your personal information and you will be guided through the process. Once you have done that you will be shown four icons with a number on the right hand side of the screen and that indicates the four corners of your instagram profile. Once you have chosen which corner you want to have your icon next to, click on the link and your profile page will now change. You can now see a list of all the people you know on Qooh. Each profile represents a different person and will show a different icon.

The most popular icons will be the ones representing you or your company. To make your online profile unique it is recommended that you add your company’s logo and name as well as a unique anonymous question you would like Qooh users to ask you. When you log into your profile click on the’search’ icon and type in a keyword or phrase you think users searching for questions related to your keywords will enter. When a Qooh search is returned for your keyword or phrase you can choose to ‘link’ it by clicking on the link and typing your keywords. Once you click on the ‘link’ button your profile page will begin to change and display a new anonymous question you have posted.

Qooh uses an innovative technology that allows anyone browsing Qooh to see your profile and ask questions. You can either enable this feature or turn it off. With this feature enabled Qooh will automatically ask questions and display a Qooh anonymous question for each one. This way you can monitor how many anonymous followers ask questions and get valuable feedback on how to improve your website or instagram page.

Qooh also has an optional ’employee feedback’ section where you can ask your employees questions about their job, performance, job description, and career advice. To do this simply login to your employee feedback account and click the’send a message’ link located at the top of your user icon. When a user clicks the ‘ask question’ link you will be presented with a form containing a field for inputting a message. On the input field you have the choice to upload a picture of yourself, text relevant to the job, and a short sales pitch. When you have submitted your message and uploaded a new photo you can start receiving valuable employee feedback.

Another great feature of Qooh is that it allows you to share links to your website or instagram pages from within your Qooh chat room. To do this just log in to your chat room and click ‘links’ next to the chat icon. You can send a link to your website or instagram from within your Qooh chat. In addition to providing useful content, Qooh helps you interact with existing and potential followers.

As you can see, these two anonymous messaging apps offer different ways to provide valuable content for your young people. I hope that this short article has given you some insights into how to use these applications to provide young people with useful, constructive feedback. If you are looking to use one of these platforms to provide positive feedback to your followers on Facebook and Instagram then now would be a good time to start. Why not start today?